What does Heidi Wineland Do?

picture day (5)KittyAllen Products

Shop for KittyAllen products including Knitagains, Rag Baskets, and other fun stuff made by Heidi Wineland and Sarah Karges online at KittyAllen.Etsy.com, or at many retail outlets.

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ywca2 - CopyCraft Classes and Presentations

Have you run out of programming ideas?

Do you have a limited budget for supplies? Are you looking for fun, affordable programs for your groups?

Heidi Wineland is here to help!

I am a librarian and freelance programmer with a menu of successful quality enrichment programs for women, teens, kids, seniors and special needs patrons.  For one low fee I supply instruction and all the materials needed for up to 25 participants.  I have a selection of projects and presentations for libraries, community centers, home school, homemaker and women’s groups for you to choose from.

My most popular programs are Beaded Jewelry, Rag Baskets and Beaded Christmas ornaments.  I also give informative presentations on “Craft Business Success” and “Selling online”.  You can see my complete menu by clicking here.

aaafweb (2)Academy Award Action Figures

The Academy Award Action Figures (AKA Oscar Doll)s are  handmade replicas of fashion worn at the Academy Awards.

Heidi has been working on this project for two decades and the collection numbers about 150 figures.  The Action Figures have been featured in national and local media, and are occasionally put on public display.  See more by clicking here.

You can also find the collection on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.